Human Hair Extension Clips

Use human hair extensions clips to recreate Beyonce's beautiful style

Human hair extension clips are the perfect way to change your hair style in a matter of minutes. This has become a very popular way for women to create brand new hairstyles with very little effort.

New advancement in technology means that African American hair extensions can look as real and authentic as your own head of hair.

There are several different methods that you can implement to add extra hair to your head. One method is to use clip on hairpieces.

How To Make Hair Extensions Clips

The process of making hair extension clips is fairly straightforward and if you have the skill and patience, you can create your own set.

The things that you will need are some hair and some netted gauze and hair clips. You can choose to use human hair or there is the cheaper alternative which is synthetic hair. If you are creating your own clip on hairpieces, you may like to practice with synthetic hair first so that you are sure that you have done it correctly. Human hair is not cheap so you would not want to practice and get it wrong with such expensive materials.

Once you have decided what length you would like your hair extensions to be, you need to measure the length of the hair clips and gather together enough hair to spread neatly across the clip. Take a length of the gauze and using adhesive that is used to make wigs, glue the hair to the netting gauze. Once the glue is dry you can then attach it to the hair clip. The most secure way to attach these pieces is to use a needle and thread. Make sure that the thread is the exact same color as the hair and the hair clip so that it is camouflaged. You will want to make the stitches as neat and small as possible. Once the hair is secure, you have created your own hair extension clips.

Now you just need to attach them to your head. Once you have parted your hair, place the hair clips securely and cover the tops with a layer of your own hair. Keep checking in the mirror so that you are certain that the clips are completely hidden. It can take a few attempts to get the clips in the right place but once you know what you are doing, you will notice that you will get much quicker at putting them in each time you decide to change up your hairstyle.

Hair extension clips are the perfect way to create new hairstyles that can be bold, daring, but most important of all, they are temporary and you can take them out as easily and as quickly as you put them in.


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