African American Hair Extensions – Choosing Fusion Extensions

Use fusion extensions to create a beautiful style like Halle Berry's

African American hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes. One popular method of hair extensions is called fusion hair extensions. In order to have this procedure done, you will need to choose the right type of hair extension so that it looks fantastic and seamless. No one should be able to see where your hair ends and the extensions start.

There are two types of fusion extensions that you can use and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. The alternative name for this method of adding extra hair is also known as hair bonding.

Hot fusion extensions

Cold fusion extensions

Hot Fusion Extensions

Hot fusion extensions attaches extra strands of hair by using a heat clamp with heated keratin glue. If you choose to have your hair done with this method, you will find that it can last for up to six months. As long as you look after it properly you should have no problems. This is the more traditional method of hair bonding and women have been very happy with the results.

Cold Fusion Extensions

Cold fusion extensions is a little like the hot fusion method but the main difference is that hot glue is not used in this instance. Instead the hair is attached by using a keratin-based polymer. This is a chemical process that seals the hair extension to your own hair without the need for heat. This technique will also last for up to six months if maintained properly. Cold fusion hair extensions are a better choice for women who have thinning or fine hair. If you have a sensitive scalp you many also benefit from this hair extension technique.

Whatever option you go for, African American hair extensions can create a wonderful new look that will last for a good amount of time and fusion extensions can give you the added length of hair you desire.


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